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Industry – Rely on our strengths

In addition to healthcare, our strengths lie in the traditional and new industrial sectors. Many entrepreneurs have been able to strengthen their business and ensure growth with the help of M&A advice from Conpair. Throughout Germany, the German Mittelstand is not infrequently equated with technological strength and innovation: Many classic and new industrial sectors are among the leading branches of the German Mittelstand.

With such a development also comes numerous challenges, such as digitalization, automation of production processes or market volatility. This is accompanied by competitive pressure. As an entrepreneur, how can you still ensure the long-term success of your company? Purchases or (partial) sales can help a company move forward in many situations.

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Our activities in the field of Industry

Conpair has a large network of experts, especially in the industrial sector. Our activities include the advisory as well as the support of medium-sized companies, from the first impulse to the successful completion of a transaction. Such a process often proves to be very lengthy and requires detailed planning and, of course, the right approach.

Corporate finance is an equally important part of Conpair’s business. When it comes to purchasing or selling a company, financing is one of the elementary components. Here we connect you with capital investors or financing partners. Of course, the right financing option is also crucial. There are several options in this field. The structuring of the complex interrelationships is also part of our services.

Although each company must be considered individually, there are some crucial processes in our work as M&A advisors. We

  • advise you individually and from the beginning,
  • analyze your company in order to find the best possible offer,
  • search for suitable objects to buy or investors,
  • communicate with possible purchasers or sellers,
  • obtain purchase offers,
  • accompany and support you through all necessary negotiations and
  • also support you in the closing of the contract.

We customize the individual steps depending on the personal starting position and goal of our clients.

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With us you ensure the growth of your company

The classic industrial sectors in particular are constantly changing. Here, it is important to respond appropriately to market-relevant changes. The goal should always be to secure the growth of a company. Company acquisitions or mergers are often a solution to increase market share and turnover.

Due to our many years of experience and the necessary contacts, we can accompany you on your business path. We know the typical challenges and are happy to face them. With us as a partner at your side, you can manage upcoming transactions without any problems. Rely on our team of experts and make an appointment for an initial advisory meeting.