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Find the right successor for your company with Conpair at your side.

The best advice on succession planning

As an entrepreneur, you have to make a large variety of decisions every day. While some are made quickly, others need to be considered more thoroughly, such as the sale of your company. With us you have an experienced process companion at your side. We make sure that your company ends up in good hands or gets a strong partner.

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The sale of your company – an emotional matter

One of Conpair’s most important tasks as an M&A advisor is to support our clients in making important decisions and taking necessary steps in the process so that upcoming transactions can be carried out successfully.

Such corporate transactions also include company sales, which demand a lot from an entrepreneur, both on a business basis and emotionally. Especially when it comes to family businesses that have to be handed over to a new owner, this means a break in professional and private life that requires a lot of strength.

In the long term, of course, the goal of any business is to move towards a secure future. In some cases, or after a certain period of time, this means handing the company over to other hands. The sale of the company will certainly present you with a great challenge.

Beratungsgespräch zur Unternehmensnachfolge, Frau über den Tisch gebeugt zeigt Mann etwas auf Papier

Do you need advice on company succession?

The very thought of a succession for your own company can lead to concerns and raise many questions.

  • How can you be sure that your company will be continued in your best interest?
  • What do the necessary steps look like?
  • How do you go about it?

This uncertainty is joined by the emotional side, which makes it difficult to make rational decisions.

Often, finding a suitable successor is already a major problem. Numerous family- or owner-managed SMEs remain unsuccessful in their search and decide as a subsequent step to sell the company to external investors. If you have also reached this step, you should not hesitate and consult an expert.

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We know the emotional side of company succession

Contact us if you have any questions about company succession. We know how emotional this process can be for our clients and are happy to accompany you on your way. Succession is one of our specialties; we are familiar with all facets of such a process and offer targeted and always individually tailored solutions. It is a long and extensive process with numerous aspects that need to be considered. Here, Conpair is at your side from the very beginning – from the initial analysis of the company structure to the search for suitable buyers to the final sale.

Your team of experts in company succession

At Conpair, you as a client benefit from our large network of investors, from decades of experience as well as from the wide-ranging expertise of our team. Being close to our clients throughout the entire company succession process is very important to us. We

  • analyze your company and review sale options,
  • determine an approximate company value,
  • ensure the best possible presentation of your company
  • make a selection of potential investors and obtain offers,
  • assist in deciding on the ideal buyer,
  • compile all the necessary documents for the buyer’s examination (due diligence),
  • review the purchase agreement documentation together with your legal counsel.

Frau und Mann am Notebook im Beratungsgespräch zur Unternehmensnachfolge

Individual solutions for your company succession

Our goal is always to find custom-fit solutions for our clients, and this is also true for company succession. Because, as in the entire M&A sector, there are also various options when it comes to succession planning, which are best evaluated with a team of experts like Conpair.

Throughout the entire sales process, we are at your side as advisors and relieve you by taking over all the necessary business steps. We set up a concept tailored to your needs and keep your back free so that you can take care of the day-to-day business to a large extent during the sale. Please feel free to contact us to arrange an initial meeting.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange an initial advisory meeting.


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