Corporate investment: We find the right partner

Company sales are our specialty. We have a large network of potential investors and the necessary know-how to successfully carry out the sales process – from the initial consideration of bringing in a new partner to the closing of the deal. Leave the work to us, we will take care of all the necessary steps.

The sale of company shares – all rights and obligations in the overview

One of the most common transactions of a company is the sale. In addition to company succession, this also includes company participation, i.e. the sale of company shares. As a company owner, you have already done quite a bit by considering selling shares in your company. It takes courage and a lot of strength to take this step. For the company and often also for your private life, a sale is accompanied by significant changes.

Adding a business partner can advance your company through their capital and expertise. And yet, such a decision is not necessarily easy. If you are an entrepreneur looking to sell company shares, we are here to help. Conpair’s role as an M&A advisor includes advising and supporting our clients through all the necessary steps involved in a sale.

What equity investment options are available to you? How can you be sure of finding the right partner and where can you even look for investors? Then there is the question of the right approach. Managing a company is one thing but taking it forward in the long term by making the right decisions and taking the right steps is quite another.

We will guide you through the complex process

Selling shares in a company is a complex process. The question of the shareholding quota alone causes headaches for the entrepreneurs concerned: How high should the shareholder’s participation be? Depending on the percentage, a distinction is made between the majority shareholding (over 50%) and minority shareholding (under 50%).

Depending on the decision, this entails different rights and obligations for the investor. The rights include, for example, the right to be regularly informed about the development of the company and the right to vote at shareholder resolutions or shareholder meetings. There is also a pro rata entitlement to profits earned.

All these variants must be kept in mind. Of course, it is essential to consider the financial situation of the company.

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We are at your side

But that is certainly not the end of the story. What also needs to be considered: There are different types of equity participation. In most cases, it is an investment in the company’s equity capital, meaning: the participation in the company is based on money or contributions in kind from the investor, which then become part of the company’s equity capital. Together with you, we will determine the ideal variant for you.

We are there for you from the initial advisory stage through to the successful closing of the contract. The process is subject to several steps, on which we actively support you, for example in the search for suitable investors including company analysis and contacting, the personal talks with the company owners as well as the support in the contract negotiations.

We are at your side as advisors on all aspects of the sale of a company, with all its difficulties and peculiarities. Please feel free to contact us to arrange an initial advisory meeting.